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Dealing with disappointment, time to take stock of your life?

Reaching a point in your life where you might be thinking, where exactly am I in my life?  Is this where I wanted or thought I would be?  Then perhaps realising you don't like the answers to these questions can trigger feelings of disappointment, disillusionment and even depression.

There might not be a clear reason for reaching this point in your life and feeling this way but it can also be a result of a relationship break up, particularly a long term one, where you didn't expect it to end or even have to start again.  This situation alone can seem very daunting.

Speaking to a person-centred counsellor can help you get through this difficult point in your life and make sense of all these troubling feelings.  Choosing to bury your feelings and just getting on with it, may work for a time but actually feeling the associated grief and loss that goes hand in hand with a relationship break up and giving yourself time and space to heal and explore where you want to go from here can be far more rewarding both in the short and long term.

The greatest gift you can give to yourself is the opportunity to take stock. re-group. charge your batteries!  Personal counselling can help to rejuvenate you, you may even say to yourself, why didn't I try this years ago?!

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top resume writing services on 19 February 2019 11:52
Always find time to focus on yourself. You can never feel true happiness if you do not even put yourself in the things that will make you happy. Life will be worthwhile if you know you can make yourself happy. The benefits of having a good time with yourself will make a good experience as an individual. You can understand yourself well and you know what is the best for yourself, have time for yourself and have a break always.

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asf on 10 December 2018 08:26
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If you think you are personally lost in your happiness, make time to find yourself. That's the thing that I realized in your blog. It is not bad to focus on your personal needs and wants. I also experience it, I always focus on other people's happiness, but in the end, no one is there to feed me the happiness I need. If no one can provide, then let yourself do it. It is not selfish to focus on yourself sometimes.
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Albert Einstine on 03 April 2019 12:28
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